FSPK Science Museum Kit (Bilingual)

Explore the Science Museum for great books and science resources

How Do Animals Use Their Mouths? • ¿Cómo usan la boca los animales? Book
How Do Animals Use Their Eyes? • ¿Cómo usan los ojos animales sus? Book
How Do Animals Use Their Ears? • ¿Cómo usan los oídos los animales? Book
Animal Lives Big Book
La vida de los animales Big Book
Edie’s Backyard Bugs Big Book
Critter Hide-and-Seek Big Book
Los insectos del jardin de Edie Big Book
Jugando al escondite con los animales Big Book
Mixing Tray
Magnetic Wand
Graduated Pipettes
Test Tubes and Rack
Rainbow Peepholes
Energy Beads
Science Activities Booklet


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